The Air Cadet Training Program provides a wide range of activities and courses to meet the interests of cadets. All cadets are provided with reference materials and are expected to bring a notebook and pens/pencils.

New recruits begin their training with Drill and General Cadet Knowledge, giving them a knowledge of the origin of the cadet movement and its development; an understanding of the rank structure; and an appreciation for the care of uniform. Cadets then move on to subjects such as Citizenship, Physical Fitness, Sensible Living, Effective Speaking, Aircraft Identification, Aeronautical Facilities, Airframes, Aircrew Survival, and Range/Shooting.

All cadets are required to participate in community service activities, fund-raising, field exercises, sports, and citizenship activities throughout the year. Cadets will also have the opportunity to experience both powered and non-powered (glider) familiarization flying. On weekends weather permitting, qualified pilots take cadets flying in Cessna 172. These flights average about three hours flying time and all cadets are given a chance to be the “co-pilot”. In the Fall and Spring, we attend gliding days at several local Airports, where all cadets are given a glider flight. There is no cost to attend any of the flying activities (or any other squadron activities); however, we ask that parents assist in some fund- raising activities throughout the year, and be willing to provide transportation to the airports. Cadets can expect a minimum of one power flight and one glider flight per year.

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