Supply is open on Monday nights for drop in appointments from 1800hrs-2000hrs. (6:00pm – 8:00pm)

For all new recruits:

Uniforms will be ordered upon registration and issued immediately upon arrival. Please note that because all uniforms nationally are ordered from the same location, it may take several weeks for uniforms to arrive. An initial name tag will be ordered for free but any replacement name tags will cost the cadet $3.00. In the meantime, cadets are expected to wear a white collared shirt, black slacks, comfortable shoes, black tie (or as close to that as possible). All cadets must adhere to the same hair standard as those in uniform, and males will be expected to shave. Any questions on the expected standard should be directed to the flight staff.

Uniforms are loaned free of charge by the Department of National Defence for the duration of the cadets involvement in the cadet program and must be returned immediately if they cease to attend regular squadron parades.  After 45 days of consecutive absences the cadet will be removed from the squadron’s slate and the cadet will be notified and asked to return the uniform on the next scheduled night.  Uniforms are worth apprx $600 and are part of crown assets and as taxpayers we cannot afford too many losses.

Once issued, uniforms shall be well cared for, cleaned, ironed and boots polishes on a weekly basis.  When in uniform cadets are representing the Canadian Cadet Movement and the Canadian Forces and therefore it must always be in good condition and treated with respect.  Once issued the uniform must be worn to all squadron activities unless directed otherwise.  Uniforms shall not be worn on non-cadet activities unless the cadet is given permission from the Commanding Officer.

For all returning cadets:

If you require an exchange of items ensure that the item is cleaned. We will not exchange a uniform part until we receive the old one.

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