New Uniform Request

Are you a recently registered Cadet that doesn’t have a uniform yet?

Please fill out the required information at the bottom of this page with the instructions that follow to place an order for a brand new uniform!

Measuring Instructions

The comfort and fit of your uniform depend on accurate sizing.

The following instructions are designed to help you obtain precise body measurements that will be used by our system to recommend your garment sizes.


Have your measurements taken by another person.
It is almost impossible to take accurate measurements by yourself.
– Wear a tight-fitting top and a pair of lightweight pants that fit well and have a regular waistband.You should NOT wear low-rise pants.
– Remove your belt and jewellery, including your watch, rings, bracelets and necklaces.
– Empty your pockets.
– If you have long hair it should be hanging down, not pinned or tied back.
– Remove your shoes and wear socks that you normally wear for work.
– Stand straight and still, with your arms hanging comfortably.
– Do not hold your breath.
Do not tighten the tape, or leave too much slack.
Do NOT estimate measurements. If a reading falls between two lines on the tape, always take the larger measurement.
Do NOT augment the measurements taken. Logistik’s sizing system and garment designs already provide ample room for ease of movement.
– Measurements for all parts except feet are in inches. Please do foot measurements in Millimeters. Round up to the neasrest half inch, and nearest milimetre.

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