About Cadets

The Mission of the Cadet Program is to contribute to the development and preparation of youth for the transition to adulthood, enabling them to meet the challenges of modern society, through a dynamic community-based program.

The Vision of the Cadet Program is to provide a relevant, credible and proactive youth development organization, offering the program of choice for Canada’s youth, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow through a set of fun, challenging, well-organized and safe activities.

The Aim of the Cadet Program is to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness and stimulate the interest of youth in the sea, land and air activities of the Canadian Forces.

We strongly encourage open communication between parents and cadets when it comes to joining the program as cadets who are forced unwillingly into the program may not get much out of it. As the saying goes, “you get out of cadets, what you put into it”. Cadets will be required to maintain a high standard of dress and deportment. There are certain standards (for example, haircuts, shaving, no make-up, no jewellery, no nail polish, etc.) that some cadets may be unwilling to conform to. If you are unsure, we absolutely encourage you to give it a try. Through cadets you will learn so many neat and exciting things that you will not find anywhere else!

Should you want more information on what the Air Cadet program has to offer, please visit the National Cadet website at www.cadets.ca.

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