Squadron Staff

Our Officers, Civilian Instructions and Volunteer Instructors are responsible for all the administration of the squadron and delivery of the cadet training. Below is a list of the adult staff on duty for the 2019-2020 training season:

Captain T Benton
• Commanding Officer

Captain A Kathrens
• Deputy Commanding Officer
• Training Officer
• Range Safety Officer
• Scholarship Advisor
• Drill Team Officer
• Rifle Drill Team Officer
• Level 5 Officer
• Level 4 Officer
• VI Wrangler
• Flag Party Officer

Civilian Instructor K Chartier
• Supply
• Instructor
• Range Coach
• Level 1 Officer

Civilian Instructor N Gibson
• Administration
• Instructor
• Band Coordinator
• Level 2 Officer

Volunteer Instructor W Warkentin
• Instructor
• Special Operations Coach
• Effective Speaking Coach
• Advanced Survival Coach
• Range Safety Officer
• Range Coach
• Level 3 Officer

In addition to the adult staff in charge of the program we take a great source of pride in our senior cadets who have been given positions of leadership and have excelled in their training. Below is a list of the cadet staff on duty for the 2020-2021 training season:

Warrant Officer 1st Class J Fernandez
• Cadet Commander

Warrant Officer 2nd Class P Weiher
• Deputy Cadet Commander

Flight Sergeant D Rego
• Squadron Warrant Officer

Flight Sergeant D Chartier
Sergeant N Ha
• Level 4 Commanders

Flight Sergeant M Desharnais
Flight Corporal A Gill
Sergeant M Weibe
• Level 3 Commanders

Flight Sergeant R Sandhu
Flight Sergeant D Vu
• Level 2 Commanders

Sergeant G Nkenke
Flight Sergeant L Stacey
• Level 1 Commanders

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